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"My Spirits Within" is a deep and personal psychological exploration, which utilizes a macroscopic approach to producing highly colorful and graphic imagery. This approach navigates the inner landscapes of fruit and vegetables, guiding my intuition through the manipulation and experimentation of the use of form and color found within the living matter; ultimately revealing identities of my own inner Self.

Each image is the result of an immersive process of self-analysis completed with the purpose of finding deeper meaning and understanding of its symbolism. Part of  this process consists of writing a short poem for each image as a means to further express my personal understanding of the imagery.

This body of work is about Self-discovery and serves as a tool for healing and understanding. The organic nature of the fruits and vegetables enables the guided navigation into the revealing of My Spirits Within. The freedom I feel in making these images reflects my liberation from what is ultimately reveled in my imagery.

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